Why Should You Have Duplicate House Keys Made?

Having a locksmith near me make duplicate sets of keys is a common step for a homeowner. Not only does it prevent a lockout, but it also ensures loved ones have continued access to the property. If you’re unsure that the benefits outweigh the risks, here’s how an extra set could best serve the family and produce peace of mind.

Benefits of Having Duplicate House Keys

1. Give Close Family and Friends Access

Everyone has family members and friends who are welcome to stop by at any time. While they could wait in the driveway until you get home, ordering an extra set of keys will allow them to feel right at home.

It could also be that you’re going away on vacation. Instead of giving up the original to a dogsitter, having a duplicate key on hand will provide a level of convenience. Those who are watching the property can enter at any time, and you won’t have to go retrieve the key upon your return.

2. Prevent Being Locked Out

Locking and closing the door without first checking for the keys is a top cause of lockouts. Rather than having to wait for a locksmith and risk running late, you could have a spare set hidden in a nearby lockbox.

These can be mounted directly to a corner of the porch railing or placed somewhere within the garden. Simply put in the code and you’ll instantly have a way to gain access to the home.

3. Avoid General Wear

Using keys on a regular basis can cause them to wear down. The teeth might become dull or develop a slight twist that prevents them from fitting into the opening. Having a spare set on hand will ensure continued functionality while you order a new one from the locksmith.

Having duplicate house keys made is a practical and proactive measure that enhances convenience, security, and preparedness in various situations. Whether for granting access to trusted individuals, preventing lockouts, or ensuring key functionality, having spare keys on hand provides invaluable peace of mind for homeowners.

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