Why Schedule a Roof Inspection After a Major Hail Storm?

If your roof has recently experienced hail storms then it’s very important to call a professional for roof repair in Miramar and schedule an inspection to check for the roof damages immediately.  The first thing you always do after the bad weather is to schedule an inspection of the roof so that the loss your roof had after the storm can be covered by doing a repair. It’s very important to repair your roof because it’s that part of the home that has been exposed to all the natural calamities. So, it is crucial to do an inspection and repair to enhance the strength of the roof.

What Areas Are Mostly Affected By Hail Stones?

The hail can damage the whole area of the roof, especially the sidings of the roof. Also, Hailstones are of various sizes and it can cause serious damage to the roof. So if you live in areas where weather conditions are harsh then it is important to schedule a roof inspection on a routine basis. A small hail can also cause damage but not to that extent still it is beneficial to check the whole roof just to be sure that the roof is safe.

How To Spot That The Roof Experienced Hail Damage?

The damage caused by hail ranges greatly in severity. When you do an inspection, some damages are easy to find but some damages are more subtle. Let’s discuss the signs that show your roof has experienced hail damage.

Cracked Shingles/Roof Tiles


If you see the cracks on the roof after the bad weather then it may be the visible signs that show your roof has experienced damage. Whether you have a metal roof or asphalt roof shingles, hail can make cracks in the roof. Also, if you see missing roofing materials from the roof then immediately call a roofer for help.


Excess Asphalt Granules


There is another sign to check that shows hail can damage your roof by removing the layer of asphalt granules that protects the exterior lines of the shingles. This results in exposing your roof to weather elements directly without any protection. You can check this by inspecting the gutters if you see any asphalt granules down the pipeline of the gutter then your roof is having some sort of damage.

Whether you see any damage on the roof or not, it’s wise to call a roof repair contractor for inspection following major hail in your area. If you make a delay then it may cause more damage to the roof which will end up doing the replacement. The sooner you call experts for doing inspection and repair, the quicker your roof will be repaired and ready to safeguard you and your family.

On Average a roof, if properly installed, can last from 20 to 30 years. It can suffer high winds, shedding snow, and many harsh weather conditions. Therefore, homeowners are advised to have a roof inspection once in six months, especially in the spring season. Before doing a roof inspection, it is important to know some important things as a homeowner.

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