Why Does a Roofing System Need an Underlayment?

When it comes to talking about roof structure, it is a bit more complex than it seems to be. Roofs are not only made of shingles but there are so many things that are used for the construction of the roof. Singles are the topmost layer of the roof.  Beneath the shingles, you will see a layer that offers protection against water damage. That layer is often called an underlayment. The main purpose of roof underlayment is to offer protection against water-related issues. This layer must be considered as the final layer that can waterproof your home roof.   Here are some factors that help to know why underlayment is important in a roofing system.

Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency


The roof’s underlayment can help in reducing the energy bills also. It offers a layer of insulation that helps to keep conditioned air in your home and prevent it from escaping your living space. If your living space remains cool then you won’t have to worry about the costly energy bills for using the air conditioning unit.

Keep Shingles Flat


The underlayment will help roofers give a flat surface on which they can easily install the shingles. This is the reason underlayment is important to have an even-looking roofing system. You don’t have to call for improvement again and again if you have installed underlayment to give your roof a curb appeal.

Adequate Protection


When talking about roof protection, Shingles are termed as the first line of defense that withstand harsh weather. But when the shingles experience damage or get missing then the underlayment protects the roof and prevents issues like mold growth and rot that can be caused due to water damage. Also, this can protect your home from fire damage also. The underlayment can offer fire resistance services. But before installing underlayment it is important to check the compatibility with the roofing material as if you installed an asphalt shingle roof, you must choose the material for underlayment that is suitable for an asphalt shingle roof.

You can take help from roof repair contractors in your area to help you select the right material for the underlayment. When you call them for roof repair in Davie, ask them to provide the top-quality material so that your roof will remain safe and protected.  Keep in mind this information to keep your roof strong. You can extend the life of the roof by doing this. So, hire a roofer and get it installed on your roof.

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