Which Skills Does An Automotive Locksmith Need To Possess?

Many years ago (before the 80s), an automotive locksmith would generally just need to know how to cut and duplicate traditional car keys, repair locks, and other tasks that were fairly general to most other types of locksmith. Since then, however, the specialized discipline of auto locksmithing has evolved greatly in tandem with innovations in automotive technology and vehicle security measures.

Generally, an automotive locksmith needs to display competency in the following areas:

  • Knowing how to identify key blanks;
  • Understanding the applications of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN);
  • A working knowledge of various automotive locks (doors, trunk, ignition, etc.);
  • How to provide emergency vehicle lockout services;
  • How to work with vehicle lock cylinders;
  • How to address vehicle door problems;
  • Knowledge of American and foreign vehicle lock and key systems;
  • General working knowledge of major automotive manufacturer lock and key systems, e.g. GM, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Kia, BMW, etc.;
  • Ability to access information on more exotic vehicle manufacturer lock and key systems, especially luxury European car makes and models;

Working Knowledge of Motorcycle Keys vs. Car Keys and Other Types Of Vehicles.

Much like how modern car mechanics have increasingly gone digital in recent decades to keep up with increasingly digitized car components, automotive locksmiths have also been forced to adapt to recent changes in vehicle security and lock and key systems. This includes knowing how to resolve problems with remote keyless entry systems, keypad locks, app-based lock and key systems, and more.

In terms of physical and cognitive skills, automotive locksmith in Murrieta should have numeric competency, the ability to travel long distances to provide lockout services, and good customer service skills (many drivers feel vulnerable, especially at night on the side of the road, for example), the ability to use power tools and physical tools such as Slim Jims, and technical knowledge to use their highly specialized tools.

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