When Is The Right Time For Roof Replacement

Nothing can last forever and the same is the case with roofs also, they also don’t last forever. Any roof type you have in your home will come to an end one day and at that moment, you have to replace that roof with a new one. If you have owned a home recently then it is important to ask the previous owner that for how long they haven’t replaced or installed the roof. Don’t rush in to replace the roof immediately after buying a home. Once you get the answer from the previous owner you will have the idea whether there is any need for roof replacement or you can manage by doing minor roof repair in Weston.  Once you are able to detect the exact age of the roof then you should compare and analyze with the average lifespan of the roof. Then you will have an idea when will be the right time to do the roof replacement.

Younger roofs sometimes undergo replacement under certain circumstances. When you see that your roof has suffered a major storm or a hurricane, you may contact a professional roofer to inspect and take cautionary measures so that small problems can be prevented before it becomes large. Here are some signs that might be kept in mind showing your roof is in bad condition and it needs immediate replacement.

  • During an inspection of the roof if leaks are detected and the roof has been damaged badly due to those leaks. Then, these are the apparent signs showing the time has come to replace the roof.
  • Once the shingles of your roof experience curls or buckle then you can’t prevent them from getting back in the same shape. You can’t uncurl those shingles therefore replacement is the only option you are left with.
  • Noticing bubbled spots on the surface of the roof is termed as roof blistering. This is caused basically due to the poor ventilation in the home. Over time these problems are getting worse and can’t be rectified by roofing experts either. This is also a sign that your roof age is about to an end.
  • When an old roof is near the end of its lifespan, the roof starts losing shingle granules. This is a definite sign that says your roof needs replacement.

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