Types of Access Control Door Entry Systems and How to Choose the Right One

Access control door entry systems help secure buildings and control who can enter. There are different types of access control systems, and it’s important to hire the right one for your needs. Let’s learn about the types of access control door entry systems and how to choose the one that’s best for you.

Key-Based Systems:

Key-based access control systems use traditional keys to unlock doors. Each person given access is given a specific key. These systems are simple and easy to know. However, they can be less secure because keys can be lost or copied.

Keypad Systems:

Keypad access control systems require a numeric code to be entered on a keypad to unlock the door. Each person is assigned a unique code. Keypad systems are more secure than key-based systems since codes can be changed easily. However, if someone sees the code, they can enter without permission.

Card-Based Systems:

Card-based access control systems use special cards or key fobs to grant access. Each person is given a card or key fob that they swipe or tap on a card reader to unlock the door. These systems are more secure than key and keypad systems because cards can be easily deactivated if lost or stolen. Locksmith Honolulu is updated with modern card-based systems and can better deal with issues.

Biometric Systems:

Biometric access control systems use unique physical characteristics, like fingerprints or retinal scans, to identify individuals and grant access. Biometric systems offer high security since each person’s traits are unique. However, they can be more costly and may need specialized equipment.

Choosing the Right System:

To choose the right access control door entry system, consider the following factors:

Security Needs:

Evaluate the level of security required for your building. Higher-security areas may need biometric systems, while lower-security areas may be fine with key or keypad systems.

User Convenience:

Think about how easy it must be for users to access the building. Key-based systems are simple but can be inconvenient if keys are lost often. Card-based systems are convenient since cards are easy to carry.


Consider if the system can grow with your needs. If you plan to expand your building or add more users, choose a system that allows for easy expansion.


Set a budget and choose a system that fits within your financial limits. Biometric systems tend to be more costly than other options.

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